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“It Hit a Nerve”
“It hit a nerve,” Rudy Giuliani observed about his widely reported insight that President Obama does not love America. Amid the uproar from the liberal media that anyone would dare question a liberal’s patriotism, the former mayor of New York City is not backing away from his candid comment, telling the New York Times that “I said exactly what I wanted to say. I conveyed exactly the message that I wanted to convey.” 2-25-15 Read column

NEWS! Eagle Forum files brief in Alabama Supreme Court. Eagle Forum’s brief supports Chief Justice Roy Moore’s position that Alabama’s probate judges, who issue marriage licenses, are required to follow state law which defines marriage as the union of husband and wife. Eagle Forum’s brief explains why those local officials are not required to follow the federal district judge’s opinion that the husband-wife definition of marriage is unconstitutional.

Phyllis Schlafly Report

Phyllis Schlafly Report
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January 2015 Phyllis Schlafly Report:

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President Obama has promised 2 years of free community college for American students. But can college really be free? Join us as we push past the rhetoric and ask the hard questions.

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