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Jan. 9, 2001

Sample Letter-to-the-Editor 

Dear Editor,

When President-elect Bush named Senator John Ashcroft as his nominee for Attorney General, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Patricia Ireland started a radical smear campaign attacking Ashcroft, a man of experience and integrity. The left is trying to defeat Ashcroft and scare Bush into only appointing liberals to the Cabinet or the courts.

Even though Ashcroft is the first Attorney General-designee in U.S. history who has served as a state Attorney General, Governor, and U.S. Senator, the left continues to make baseless attacks and question whether he will uphold the law. Yet, they have no example to cite to demonstrate his failure to enforce the law.

The left is attacking Ashcroft just because he is conservative. He is known as a man of impeccable character and has a strong record on crime. Ashcroft's experience as a lawyer and public servant has prepared him for cleaning up the Justice Department and restoring America's confidence in the rule of law. Every U.S. Senator should publicly support John Ashcroft for Attorney General and condemn the radical attacks on his character.


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