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March 11, 2002

Bush Gets Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
MARCH 12, 2002: House passes H.R. 1885 by 275 to 137.
11 million illegal aliens are in the U.S. It is wrong, un-American, and unjust to amnesty them ahead of all the people who are waiting in line for legal admission. In the most important vote of the 107th Congress, only 137 Members were willing to Stand Up for America and the Rule of Law.

Reject Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
Urge Your Representative to Vote 'No' on H.R. 1885

ALERT On Tuesday, March 12, the House of Representatives will vote on the Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act (H.R. 1885). While this bill contains important border security measures, it includes an extension of Section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which permits illegal aliens to remain in the United States. Because the bill is being brought to the floor under suspension of the rules, there will be no opportunity for amendment. Therefore, the entire bill should be rejected.


Extension of Section 245(i) should be rejected because it:
  1. Allows hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to stay permanently in the United States without going through face-to-face interviews conducted in their native language in our embassies abroad;

  2. Permits illegal aliens who are on a waiting list to receive a green card to remain in the U.S. legally until their name comes up, which could take 20 years in some cases;

  3. Entices millions more foreign nations to enter the U.S. illegally, which leaves the U.S. vulnerable to potential terrorist attacks;

  4. Contributes to INS processing backlog, which currently stands at 4.2 million applicants (nearly one-third are already due to 245(i) applicants);

  5. Is unpopular with the American people (2 to 1) as found by the August 2001 Zogby poll.

Mexican President Vicente Fox has begged President Bush to push for the amnesty program, even though it’s bad policy. President Bush’s friendship with Fox should not be based on a change in our immigration policy to reward aliens for violating U.S. law. The Section 245(i) amnesty program expired and should not be reinstated.

Urge your Representative to reject amnesty by voting NO on H.R. 1885.

Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Target List: Bachus, Ballenger, Barton, Bass, Blunt, Boehner, Brady, Bryant, Burton, Callahan, Calvert, Chambliss, Coble, Collins, Combest, Cox, Cunningham, Dreier, Dunn, Ehrlich, Emerson, Foley, Frelinghuysen, Gallegly, Ganske, Gibbons, Goodlatte, Goss, Graves, Hansen, Hastert, Hastings, Herger, Hilleary, Hobson, Horn, Hostettler, Hulshof, Kingston, Jerry Lewis, Ron Lewis, Linder, LoBiondo, Frank Lucas, Manzullo, McCrery, McKeon, Mica, Dan Miller, Jerry Moran, Nethercutt, Ney, Northup, Peterson, Petri, Pickering, Pitts, Pryce, Putnam, Radanovich, Roemer, Ryun, Saxton, Shaw, Shimkus, Skeen, Stearns, Sununu, Tauzin, Gene Taylor, Charles Taylor, Thune, Tiahrt, Watkins, Curt Weldon, Whitfield, Wolf, Bill Young

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