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Totalitarian Bill on Health pending in your state!

Listen to Phyllis Schlafly's radio interview with experts who describe how this legislation will give your Governor power to — 
  • Force you to take drugs or vaccines without your consent or even your physician's consent 
  • Put you in a government quarantine 
  • Take your children and put them in a quarantine 
  • Confiscate your property (including your guns) And much, much more.
  • ALERTS: 
    UPDATE: States Begin Work On Emergency Health Powers Act

    Governor's 'Emergency' Power to Control Your Lives

    Interviews with Twila Brase, RN, Citizen's Council on Health Care; Dr. Jane Orient, MD of Amer. Assn. of Physicians & Surgeons; Sue Blevins, Institute for Health Freedom; and Andy Schlafly, Attorney.

      Order the cassette tape of these important interviews.

    Congratulations to Utah!! 
    Utah is the only state to have passed the EHPA, and it rejected almost all the bad CDC provisions. 
    Text of H.B. 231 (signed by Governor on Mar. 18, 2002)

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         Mandatory Vaccination Passes Wisconsin House   2-27-02 
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         CDC's Totalitarian Model Bill   Feb. PSR 
         Track the bill in your state here: www.alec.org
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