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Eagle Forum Capitol Alert
Nov. 18, 2002

SENATORS: Have You Read the Homeland Security Bill? 

"Section 304 (c) Administration of Countermeasures Against Smallpox.  
(2) (A) (i) In General - The Secretary may issue a declaration, pursuant to this paragraph, concluding that an actual or potential bioterrorist incident or other actual or potential public health emergency makes advisable the administration of a covered countermeasure to a category or categories of individuals. 
(ii) Covered Countermeasure ­ The Secretary shall specify in such declaration the substance or substances that shall be considered covered countermeasures. . ." 
This section could force individuals to take HHS-mandated drugs and/or vaccines. Nothing in the bill recognizes the individual right to refuse medical treatment for reasons of conscience, religious belief, or medical necessity.

Sections 1714-1717 remove liability from vaccine manufacturers to injury or death resulting from any ingredient listed on the vaccine license application or label. These sections force victims to pursue their claims through a poorly managed federal vaccine compensation program, which delays and limits compensation for persons injured by vaccines. 
Manufacturers of the smallpox vaccine have already been immunized by a Bush Executive Order and by another section of the Homeland Security bill. These sections provide immunity to the manufacturers of all other vaccines, including vaccines that contained dangerous Thimerosal (mercury), which may be linked to childhood autism. 
These sections are unrelated to Homeland Security or the war on terrorism, and should be eliminated. 

Section 307 Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) 
This section authorizes the creation of HSARPA, which will be modeled on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). DARPA is developing a system called Total Information Awareness, which willcollect and data-mine vast amounts of personal information from the public, including telephone records, bank records, magazine subscriptions, medical records, travel data, etc. Section 307 (b) (5) instructs the Director to "ensure that the activities of HSARPA are coordinated with those of other relevant research agencies, and may run projects jointly with other agencies" [such as DARPA].  
Congress should include language in this section to expressly prohibit data-mining the information of law-abiding citizens. Additionally, Congress should prohibit any further development or implementation of the Total Information Awareness system and should abolish the Information Awareness Office.

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