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Thank you for your work on the Smith-Oberstar-Hyde amendment. As predicted, it was a very close vote. The amendment was adopted by a vote of 216-211.
Republicans who voted NO (thereby opposing the pro-life position):  
Bass, Biggert, Boehlert, Bradley (NH), Capito, Castle, T. Davis, Dunn, Foley, Frelinghuysen, Gerlach, Gilchrest, Granger, Houghton, Johnson (CT), Kelly, Kirk, Kolbe, Leach, Lewis (CA), Ose, Platts, Pryce (OH), Ramstad, Shaw, Shays, Simmons, Sweeney, Thomas, Walden (OR), Wilson (NM).

Democrats who voted Yes (thereby supporting the pro-life position): 
Alexander, Berry, Costello, Davis (TN), Doyle, Hall, Holden, John, Kildee, Lipinski, Lucas (KY), McIntyre, Mollohan, Murtha, Oberstar, Ortiz, Peterson (MN), Rahall, Skelton, Stenholm, Stupak, Taylor.

Members who did not vote: 
Berkley, Gephardt, Jefferson, Millender-McDonald, Ferguson, Hayworth, Janklow, Greenwood.

July 14, 2003
House to vote on Subsidizing Coercive Abortion with U.S. Dollars
Vote TODAY - Call your Representative NOW!
On July 15, the House of Representatives will vote on human rights language and funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) during consideration of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act (H.R. 1950).

UNFPA is "the world's largest international source of funding for population and reproductive health." UNFPA has been cited by the U.S. for using funds to provide coercive abortion and coercive sterilization as a means of population control in countries such as China. During President Clinton's tenure, the U.S. contributed over $207 million to UNFPA, some of which ended up funding the China "one-child policy." The Kemp-Kasten Law, which prevents the U.S. from supporting organizations that are involved in programs of coercive abortion or coercive sterilization, was invoked by President George W. Bush last year to stop funding to UNFPA.

On May 7, the House International Relations Committee narrowly adopted an amendment by Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) eliminating Kemp-Kasten thereby allowing U.S. tax dollars to go towards overseas coercive abortion and sterilizations. The 2004 proposed budget from President Bush preserved Kemp-Kasten and called for up to $25 million for UNFPA. The Crowley Amendment increased UNFPA funding to $50 million.

Representatives Chris Smith (R-NJ), Jim Oberstar (D-MN), and Henry Hyde (R-IL) are co-sponsoring an amendment to H.R. 1950 that would strip out the increase in funding for UNFPA and would restore the 18 - year old human rights Kemp-Kasten provision. It is vital to restore the Kemp-Kasten language to the bill before it reaches the President's desk.

Call your Representative TODAY! The vote is expected to be extremely close! Urge your Representative to vote for the Smith/Oberstar/Hyde Amendment to H.R. 1950 Eagle Forum will post the vote results on the Eagle Forum Scoreboard.

Every Representative should be called, but special attention should be given to:

Ballance, Berry, Bonner, Bono, Bradley, Brown-Waite, Capito, Cardoza, Brad Carson, Cole, Cooper, Artur Davis, Tom Davis, Doyle, Dunn, Gerlach, Gibbons, Gordon, Granger, Harris, Hobson, Holden, Isakson, Issa, Jefferson, Kanjorski, Kaptur, Langevin, LaTourette, Jerry Lewis, Lynch, Marshall, Matheson, McNulty, Michaud, Murtha, Nunes, Deborah Pryce, Regula, Ross, Ruppersberger, Tim Ryan, David Scott, Shaw, Sweeney, Tanner, Bill Thomas, Upton, Walden, Heather Wilson

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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