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July 20, 2004

Tell Your Representative to vote YES on the Marriage Protection Act

The House votes to protect marriage from activist judges! 
July 22, 2004 — the House passed the Marriage Protection Act (H.R. 3313) by a vote of 233-194. This bill removes the jurisdiction of federal courts on cases arising under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Defense of Marriage Act. Eagle Forum members nationwide were a driving force behind this historic vote.

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Last week, groups including Eagle Forum flooded the Senate with calls supporting a constitutional amendment. Despite a tremendous outpouring of support, the amendment did not receive enough votes to end debate. Fortunately, we have another chance to protect marriage.

This week the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 3313, the Marriage Protection Act. The House Judiciary committee voted 21-13 to send this bill to the floor, after amending it to focus specifically on removing the federal courts ability to hear cases arising under the Defense of Marriage Act's (DOMA) full faith and credit provision.

According to DOMA, whenever the word "marriage" or "spouse" is used in federal law, "marriage means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife," and "spouse refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife." It also allows states to refuse to recognize same sex marriages performed in other states. Due to activist judges, laws defining marriage as one man and one woman, such as DOMA will likely be struck down. In fact, two challenges to DOMA have already been filed in Florida and Washington.

We must take all precautions possible to protect marriage from out of control courts. Article III of the U.S. Constitution provides Congress clear authority to remove jurisdiction on specific matters. In order to protect us from judicial tyranny, Congress must act!

Take Action  
On Wednesday, July 21, the Marriage Protection Act will come to the floor for a final vote. Urge members vote YES for the Marriage Protection Act (H.R. 3313).

Call Your Representative Now! All members should be called, but these are especially important:

Targeted Members: Bono, Bradley, Brown-Waite, Capito, Doyle, English, Ferguson, Gerlach, Gillmor, Gordon, Hobson, Issa, LaTourette, J.Lewis, Marshall, Matheson, McCrery, Mollohan, C. Peterson, Pryce, Ortiz, Ross, Sandlin, Skelton, Stupak, Tanner, H. Wilson

Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

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