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February 2004

The Western Civilization Project 
Urge your local school board to adopt it!

Have you noticed the increasing anti-Western rhetoric in some of our public school systems? Have you witnessed the decreasing level of pride and appreciation for American history and Western civilization in our youngest citizens? Chances are that you have. Now there is something you can do about it.

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has introduced a resolution encouraging local school boards and state departments of education to ensure that the concepts and ideals embodied by Western civilization are effectively taught in public schools. He is also encouraging state legislatures and local school boards to adopt a form of the resolution. Below you will find a copy of a sample school board resolution you may take to your local board of education.

These resolutions simply affirm the value of teaching Western civilization and its historic accomplishments. It does not identify curriculum or set specific guidelines for classroom instructions. Therefore, what public official could oppose such a resolution, unless for the further degradation of Western values in place of an "equal playing field" for all cultures and civilizations?

Eagle Forum supports Congressman Tancredo and his aim to educate our children in the rich history and accomplishments of Western civilization. Please introduce the sample resolution to your local school board today!


  1. Send a copy of Western Civilization sample resolution to your local school board and/or state legislator for adoption 
  2. Call your Congressman and urge him to co-sponsor Congressman Tancredo's Western Civilization resolution.

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121


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Whereas the study and understanding of and appreciation for the importance of United States history, civics, democratic institutions, United States citizenship, and Western ideals are critical components of a vibrant United States culture, polity, and society;

Whereas the contributions of Western civilization to the world include democratic institutions and the rule of law, the concept of universal human rights, the development of science and technology, and religious tolerance;

Whereas if young people are not taught to understand and appreciate the values and culture Americans share, the United States will continue to become increasingly vulnerable to social division, mutual distrust and animosity; and

Whereas an appreciation for the accomplishments of Western civilization, including democratic institutions and the rule of law, individual liberty, the concept of universal human rights, the development of science and technology and religious tolerance can provide this common set of values and purpose:

Now, therefore be it resolved, this school board does hereby, recognize that teaching young people to have an appreciation of Western civilization is central to the development and maintenance of a vibrant, united, and enduring American culture; and

That this school board will ensure that appropriate curricula and textbooks are utilized to instill the concepts, ideals, values, and accomplishments of Western Civilization effectively in all students who graduate from our high schools.

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