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April 18, 2005

The Senate rejected both the Craig and Chambliss amendments which would have granted amnesty or legal status to illegal aliens working in the agriculture industry. Both amendments failed to gain the 60 votes required to end debate on the issue. The Craig amendment (S. Amdt. 375) failed on a vote of 53-45 (roll call 98). The Chambliss amendment (S. Amdt. 432) failed by a vote of 21-77 (roll call 97). The Mukulski and Isakson amendments will be voted on later today (4-19-2005).
Tell your Senator to Oppose Amnesty and Support Security

Tuesday, the U.S. Senate will vote on several immigration-related amendments to the Afghanistan/Iraq Supplemental Bill (H.R. 1268). Most of the amendments do nothing to stop the invasion of millions of illegal aliens, but instead give rewards to illegal aliens who have already broken our laws. There is a chance, however, that the REAL ID amendment, which bans driver's licenses for illegals, will be offered. Below is Eagle Forum's position on each amendment.

AgJOBS Amendment (offered by Sen. Larry Craig) — EF OPPOSES
  • Grants amnesty to illegal aliens who have worked at least 100 days in the agriculture industry in the past 12 months.
  • Puts them on a path to permanent legal status and citizenship.

  • H-2B Non-Immigrant Visas (offered by Sen. Barbara Mikulski) — EF OPPOSES
  • Eliminates the cap of 66,000 temporary seasonal foreign workers for anyone returning to the same place worked in the past three years
  • Allows large amounts of unskilled, cheap labor into the U.S. workforce
  • Allows family members legal status

  • AgJOBS Substitute (offered by Sen. Saxby Chambliss) — EF OPPOSES
  • Watered down version of Craig amendment; grants "Blue card" to illegal aliens working in agriculture at least half the time since April 1. Valid for 3 years.
  • Calls on Department of Homeland Security to submit a plan to Congress within six months to "secure our borders"
  • The above amendments would ensure that taxpayers continue having to subsidize the workers and their families by providing public benefits of education, emergency health care, and income supplements (including tax refunds).

    REAL ID Amendment (offered by Sen. Johnny Isakson) — EF SUPPORTS
  • Denies driver's license to illegal aliens for federal identification purposes
  • Orders completion of San Diego border fence
  • Prevents terrorists from claiming asylum
  • Each of these amendments will be subject to a cloture motion, requiring 60 votes. Tell your Senators to OPPOSE AMNESTY amendments or any rewards to illegal aliens. Tell them to SUPPORT SECURITY amendments, such as the REAL ID!


    Urge members vote NO on the AgJOBS amendment! Vote YES on REAL ID!

    Call Your Senator Today!

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