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July 25, 2005

The DR-CAFTA Implementation Act (H.R. 3045 / S. 1307) passed the Senate 54-45 on 6-30-05 (Roll Call 170), passed the House 217-215 on 7-28-05 (Roll Call 443) and was signed by President Bush (PDF) on 8-02-05.
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Tell Your Representative to vote NO on CAFTA!

The House of Representatives will vote this week on the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). We are discovering even more ways CAFTA undermines U.S. sovereignty.

By subjecting the United States to an international tribunal made up of three judges, likely one U.S. and two anti-U.S., CAFTA would be able to overrule professional standards set by state medical and dental boards. In Article 11.8, CAFTA states:

"Each Party (Nation and State) shall endeavor to ensure that any (authorization and licensing) measures that it adopts or maintains are . . . (b) not more burdensome than necessary to ensure the quality of the service, and (c) in the case of licensing procedures, not in themselves a restriction on the supply of the service."

It would not take much for an anti-U.S. tribunal to determine that our medical and dental certification standards are "more burdensome than necessary," simply because our standards are much higher than those of CAFTA countries. The next step would be to create international licensing standards, which would import Third World health standards into our doctor's offices.

Congressman Charlie Norwood (R-GA), former president of the Georgia Dental Association, sums up CAFTA's effect accurately: "It seeks to simply dump our medical and dental care safeguards, in the interest of making an extra buck for a handful of international investors who seek to bring in low wage foreign medical professionals."

The fine print in CAFTA also requires us to consult with "the various Codex committees" that are trying to restrict Americans' right to buy vitamins and food supplements without a doctor's prescription. Passage of CAFTA will alienate all Americans who patronize health-food stores.

CAFTA would give people in Central America the right to take jobs in the United States because of its wide-open definition of "cross-border trade in services." "Services" are not goods — services are people. Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) says: "This agreement, as drafted, will effectively give people from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic a de facto right to work in the United States. This agreement will allow foreign companies to challenge our immigration policies in international CAFTA tribunals and argue that the laws impede their ability to access the U.S. service sector. That would force Congress to change our immigration laws, or subject our businesses to trade sanctions."

Take Action

Congress should defeat CAFTA and protect us from degrading health standards imported from Third World countries. Instead of inviting more Central Americans to take jobs from U.S. citizens, Congress should be doing something to stop El Salvador's export of MS-13 gangs to the United States.

Urge Your Representative to vote NO on CAFTA!

Targeted Members: Akin, Bilirakis, Blackburn, H. Brown, Brown-Waite, J. Davis (VA), Deal, Everett, Franks, Garrett, Gutknecht, McMorris, Musgrave, Rohrabacher, Sodrel, Stearns, Sullivan, Wamp.

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