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August 2, 2005

Talk with your Members of Congress while they are in the district!

Contact your Senators during the August recess
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It's August and Congress has left Washington to spend five weeks in home districts. This is the perfect time to talk to your Members of Congress on those issues concerning the conservative agenda. Listed below are several key issues you should discuss with your Senators and Representative.

  1. Judicial Supremacy — By nominating John Roberts, who appears to be a strict constructionist, President Bush has taken the first step in ending the era of judicial supremacy at our nation's highest court. Be sure to tell your Senators you expect a fair hearing and up-or-down vote on Judge Roberts. However, the best way to stop the courts from remaking our culture is for Congress to remove jurisdiction from the courts on specific issues. Tell your Congressman to co-sponsor the following bills removing jurisdiction:

  2. Immigration — Leaders of the Republican party are making some slick moves on immigration by talking about border security. However, both the House and Senate have vowed to vote on immigration bills this fall that include guest worker programs. Tell them a guest worker program is a non-starter and only enforcement of our current laws will make our country safer. No benefits such as in-state college tuition, welfare, health care, or voting rights should be granted to those in our country illegally.

  3. Embryonic Stem Cell Research — Congress is poised to send President Bush the Castle/Specter bill (H.R. 810) that would allow your tax dollars to fund the killing of human embryos for experimentation. With Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's support, the Senate will likely vote on this legislation early this fall. Urge your Senators to vote NO on any legislation that kills human embryos, and to vote YES on a ban on all types of human cloning!

  4. CAFTA — Congress sold out American interests this summer by passing CAFTA, which threatens our national sovereignty and integrates us with the poverty and corruption of Central America. Be sure to express your disappointment if they voted for CAFTA or congratulate them if they stood up for America and voted no. Let them know we will not stand for further "hemispheric integration," including the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) agreement.

Take Action

  Call your Senators' or Representative's district office today to set up a meeting or obtain a list of scheduled appearances in your area this month!

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