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Oct. 19, 2005

Senator Coburn decided not to offer the amendment repealing E.O. 13166 due to several other fiscal responsibility amendments he offered on this legislation. Keep checking back for updates because Mr. Coburn will try to offer it in the future.
Support English Language! 
Tell your Senator to vote YES on the Coburn Amendment!

This week Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) will offer an amendment to the Transportation, Treasury, and HUD appropriation bill (H.R.3058) that will prohibit funding for enforcement of Executive Order 13166 originally issued by President Clinton.

Former President Clinton's Executive Order 13166 requires state and local government agencies and other recipients of federal funds, such as doctors who treat Medicare or Medicaid patients, to provide translation services on demand in any person's language of choice. Every recipient of federal funds must be prepared to pay for translation services, oral and written, in all 6,800 languages spoken around the world.

Friends and relatives are not permitted to help translate. Professionals must be hired, and the service must be provided for free for anyone who asks. Hospitals and universities are already facing harassment by federal agencies.

On April 24, 2001 the Supreme Court ruled in Alexander v. Sandoval that our civil rights laws do not require the government to use languages other than English. Clinton's Executive Order was based on the false argument that providing services only in English discriminates on the basis on "national origin." Despite the Supreme Court's rejection of that argument in the Sandoval case, the Bush administration has stated that the President has no plans to repeal this executive order.

The whole world is moving to the adoption of English as the global language of politics, commerce, and travel. So why are we allowing bureaucrats to undermine English usage in the United States?

Learning English is the first step in achieving the American Dream. It paves the way for success academically, professionally, and socially. We want all immigrants to learn English and become Americans!

Take Action

The Senate should pass the Coburn Amendment repealing E.O. 13166. A vote is expected as early as today! Call now!

Urge your Senators to vote YES on the Coburn amendment!

Call Your Senators Immediately!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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