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Oct. 20, 2005

Say NO to Federally Controlled Education! 
Tell your Senator to vote NO on the American History Achievement Act!

Liberals are trying to broaden their control of education with the American History Achievement Act, S. 860, which will soon be up for a Senate vote. Sponsored by Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN), this bill will increase federal control in American classrooms and extend new power to a special interest group, the Center for Civics Education (CCE), over schools and their curricula.

What You Won't Hear About S. 860

  • It expands the role of the CCE and federal bureaucrats over school curriculum by mandating that states administer a federal test (National Assessment of Educational Progress - NAEP) in civics and U.S. history, beginning with ten selected states. The NAEP began as a voluntary national test for the states until the 2002 federal law under No Child Left Behind made math and reading mandatory for every state.

  • The CCE produces and sells the left-leaning curriculum, We The People: The Citizen and the Constitution, which redefines and undermines America's founding principles of freedom. The principles of inalienable rights, self-evident truth, natural law, national sovereignty, the 2nd amendment, and the 10th amendment are either missing, minimized, or redefined.

  • The NAEP's Civics Framework is written by the CCE under contract with federal agencies. A special interest group - the CCE - with a non-competitive federal contract authorized and funded first will write Congressionally un-reviewed federal civics standards, then write and distribute a curriculum (We The People) based on those standards, and then write federal assessments of those standards (the NAEP).

  • Civics education is defined as teaching "globally accepted and internationally transcendent principles" in CCE's publication, "Teaching Democracy Globally, Internationally, and Comparatively: The 21st Century Civic Mission of School." (pp. 1-2)

The Senate should reject extending authority over curricula to this left-leaning interest group. Senators were bold enough to reject setting such outrageous history criteria in 1995 by a vote of 99-1. They should once again stand up against such federal standards!

Take Action

Urge your Senator to vote NO on this legislation!

Call Your Member of Congress Today!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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