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Dec. 14, 2005

Your calls worked! Last week, Congress passed the Sensenbrenner bill by a vote of 239-182 (Roll Call vote 661), requiring employers to verify the legal status of each employee. . It also passed amendments calling for 700 miles of fencing along sections of the southwest border, eliminating the diversity visa lottery and empowering local police to enforce immigration laws. No language supporting guest worker programs was allowed. Now the Senate must do its job and pass an enforcement only bill.
Immigration Reform = Enforcement! 
Tell Your Representative to strengthen the Sensenbrenner bill!

After years of ignoring the crisis along our southern border, Congress is finally taking steps to secure our border and reduce illegal immigration. This week, Congress will vote on the Border Protection, Antiterrorism, and Illegal Immigration Control Act (H.R. 4437), sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner.

The Sensenbrenner bill is a good first step in addressing the federal government's lack of response to illegal immigration. It includes mandatory employment verification, which requires all employers to verify the legal work status for all employees, increased penalties for illegal alien smugglers, and expedited removal procedures for other than Mexican (OTM) illegal aliens.

However, this bill does not go far enough. In order to reduce illegal immigration and secure our borders, we must eliminate incentives for illegal aliens. Members of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, led by Rep. Tom Tancredo, plan to offer a series of amendments that give the American people what they want — enforcement now!

Enforcement Must Include:
  • Mandatory employee verification
  • Empowering local police to enforce immigration laws (such as the CLEAR Act)
  • Building a fence along the southern border

    Eagle Forum Also Supports Amendments:

  • Limiting birthright citizenship to US citizens and permanent US legal residents
  • Enforcing violations of the Oath of Allegiance taken by naturalized US citizens
  • Requiring proof of citizenship to vote
  • Banning in-state tuition for illegal aliens
  • Authorizing use of US troops on the border
  • Absolutely NO form of guest worker programs must be accepted! Americans welcome immigrants who will learn English, assimilate to our culture, and pursue the American dream. It is immoral to establish a permanent underclass workforce who will never realize what it truly means to be American.

    Take Action

    Congress will vote THIS WEEK on immigration reform!

    Urge members to vote for strengthening the Sensenbrenner bill (H.R. 4437)
    and against any guest worker amendments!

    Call Your Representative Today!

    Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

    Further Reading: Border Security & Immigration

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