2006 — Eagle Forum ALERTS
12-07-06Protect Children From Forced Drugging
Urge Senate to Pass the Child Medication Safety Act this week!
11-30-06Will Lame Duck Republicans Betray the Middle Class?
Call your Representative and urge them to vote NO on Lame Duck job-killing trade bills!
10-27-06Mid-term Elections Are Just Around The Corner
Conservatives, Make Your Voice Heard!
9-28-06Senate to Vote Parental Notification!
Urge Senators to vote YES on the Child Custody Protection Act!
9-26-06Senate To Vote On The Fence
Tell Your Senators to vote YES on Secure Fence Act!
9-25-06Defend Your Right to Free Speech
Tell your Representative to vote YES on the Public Expression of Religion Act!
9-20-06Photo Id For Voting YES!
Tell Your Representative to vote YES on the Federal Election Integrity Act!
9-11-06Congress Has Work To Do Before Election!
Tell Congress to Finish Pro-Family Legislation
9-08-06Senate Democrats Obstruct Pro-Life Bill
Tell Senate Democrats to go to conference on the CCPA
8-02-06House Immigration Field Hearings Schedule
House Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Boehner have announced the following hearings on immigration. Be sure to take note of hearings in your area and make plans to get many of your family and friends together to attend.
7-31-06Pro-Family Victories
Congress Goes on Vacation with Some Big Wins!
7-19-06Senate to Vote on Pro-Life Bill!
Tell Your Senators to vote YES on the Child Custody Protection Act!
7-17-06Protect the Pledge from Supremacist Judges!
7-11-06Foreign Language Ballots Revived
6-26-06Foreign Language Ballots Delayed, But Not Yet Defeated
6-19-06Stop Foreign Language Ballots
6-06-06Say No To Race-Based Governments
5-26-06Amnesty: Let Your Voice Be Heard!
5-23-06Amnesty Vote Expected in Senate this Week!
5-18-06Senate Continues Push for Amnesty!
5-16-06Americans won't fall for bait and switch!
4-20-06One More Chance To Say NO To Guest-Worker/Amnesty!
4-13-06Mr. President, Listen To The Will Of The American People!
4-12-06Americans Support Enforcement!
4-10-06Senate Votes Against Border Security!
4-04-06Make English Our Official Language 
Tell Your Senator to vote YES on the Inhofe amendment!
3-28-06Senate Committee Passes Amnesty 
Tell Your Senators to Oppose the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty!
3-20-06Committee Republicans Supporting Kennedy Amnesty 
Tell Your Senator to STOP the Kennedy Amnesty!
3-07-06Senate Creating a New Underclass, Ignoring Border Security 
Tell the Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose Guest Worker Amnesty!
1-16-06Say YES to Alito! 
Tell your Senators to CONFIRM Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court
1-13-06What Happened in the 109th Congress, 1st Session? 


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