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July 19, 2006

UPDATE: On Tuesday, July 25, the Senate passed the Child Custody Protection Act by a vote of 65-34 (Roll Call 216), with 14 Democrats voting yes. The Lautenberg amendment on comprehensive sex education was rejected by a vote of 48-51 (Roll Call 214). However, Democrats are now trying to kill the bill by objecting to a conference committee, which must occur with the House before the bill can be signed by the President. Please continue to expose this Democratic obstructionism by calling talk radio, writing op-eds, and calling Democratic senators, urging them to agree to the conference committee.
Senate to Vote on Pro-Life Bill!
Tell Your Senators to vote YES on the Child Custody Protection Act!

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) announced today that the Senate will vote on the Child Custody Protection Act (S. 8) this Thursday, July 20. Sponsored by Sen. John Ensign (R-NV), this legislation would make it a federal crime for any person (other than her own parent) to transport a minor girl across state lines to obtain an abortion in violation of a parental notification or parental consent law in her home state.

Such a law is needed to protect young girls such as Joyce Farley's 13-year-old daughter, Crystal Farley. Crystal was intoxicated and raped by a 19-year-old man at the high school where she attended seventh grade. When Crystal went missing one morning and returned home later that afternoon, her mother learned that Crystal had been transported by the 19-year-old male's mother to New York to receive an abortion. Her mother had no idea that Crystal was pregnant.

Crystal, now 22 years old, recounted her ordeal before the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2004:

When I was 13 years old I was taken across the Pennsylvania state line to New York for an abortion. I was awake through the entire time and asked them to stop but no one listened to me. I think all the time about how things would have been different if my Mom was with me or if I had told her I was pregnant. I would have been taken care of with love rather than how I was treated. After the abortion things started to go wrong right away and just kept getting worse until my Mom took me to our family doctor and on to the hospital. Since the first abortion I had was incomplete, the procedure needed to be repeated. Going through all this was the most terrifying time of my life.

The Child Custody Protection Act must be made law to protect girls from suffering through horrible situations such as Crystal's. The House already passed its version of the bill, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (H.R. 748), last year. Now the Senate must act and send this important piece of legislation to the President's desk! Your calls are needed NOW!!

Take Action

The Senate will vote on the Child Custody Protection Act on Thursday. Call your Senators and tell them to vote YES. Let him know Eagle Forum will be scoring this vote!

Urge Your Senators vote YES on the Child Custody Protection Act!

Target Members: Bayh (IN), Byrd (WV), Carper (DE), Collins (ME), Conrad (ND), Dorgan (ND), Johnson (SD), Kohl (WI), Murkowski (AK), Bill Nelson (FL), Reid (NV), Salazar (CO)

Note: Senators will only accept e-mail from their own constituents.

Call Your Senators Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121

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