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September 20, 2006

UPDATE: On September 20, the House passed the Federal Election Integrity Act by a vote of 228-196 (Roll Call 459). The House also passed the Community Protection Act by a vote of 328-95 (Roll Call 465) and the Immigration Law Enforcement Act by a vote of 277-140 (Roll Call 468). All three bills must now be passed by the Senate.
Photo Id For Voting — YES!
Tell Your Representative to vote YES on the Federal Election Integrity Act!

After holding dozens of field hearings on illegal immigration during the August recess, the House of Representatives is responding to the American people and their demand for enforcement of our current immigration laws. The House will take up a package of several enforcement bills this week, including the Federal Election Integrity Act.

Sponsored by Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), the Federal Election Integrity Act (H.R. 4844) requires persons to produce proof of citizenship when registering to vote and to show official photo identification before they receive a ballot when voting. This legislation is an essential step in preventing voter fraud because many localities require no proof of identification when voting. (Passed House 228-196)

The House will also vote on several other enforcement bills this week:

  • The Illegal Immigrant Deterrence and Public Safety Act (H.R. 6089) — allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to detain illegal aliens who have highly contagious diseases, or who would threaten national security or the safety of the community, beyond the six month limit under current law; reaffirms the authority of state and local police to enforce immigration laws.

  • The Border Security Enhancement Act (H.R. 6091) — authorizes an increase in U.S. attorneys to increase prosecution of alien smuggler cases; also allows expedited removal for certain criminal aliens.

  • The Effective Immigration Enforcement and Community Protection Act (H.R. 6090) — closes loophole that has prevented the removal of El Salvadoran illegal aliens; prohibits alien gang members from receiving asylum or temporary protected status and orders them deportable.

These border security bills along with Rep. Hyde's photo ID bill are important steps in the battle to secure our border and reduce the illegal alien population. With the important 2008 presidential election just two years away, we need the Hyde bill more than ever! Please call your Representative today!

Take Action

The House will consider the Federal Election Integrity Act and the other border security bills this week! Call your representative today!

  • Tell them to vote YES on the border security legislation package!

  • Tell them to vote YES on the Hyde Federal Election Integrity Act!

Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121

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