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October 27, 2006

Mid-term Elections Are Just Around The Corner

Conservatives, Make Your Voice Heard!

The 2006 mid-term election is just ten days away. Many liberal pundits and media commentators have all but declared victory for the Democrats. All this is an effort to suppress conservative voter turnout, but we won't be fooled into handing over control to pro-abortion, open borders, and tax-raising liberals!

While Republicans may not be perfect, their voting record on issues important to Eagle Forum members and values voters is far superior to Democrats. Several key votes in both houses of Congress are listed below. The numbers represent the percentage of members of each party that voted with Eagle Forum's position.

 Percentage of Each Party who voted with Eagle Forum's Position
U.S. SenateRepublicansDemocrats
Child Custody Protection ActYes93%32%
Secure Border Fence ActYes98%59%
Official English Language (Inhofe amendment) — Yes98%23%
Taxpayer funding to kill human embryosNo65%2%
Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Kennedy-McCain) — No58%9%

 Percentage of Each Party who
voted with Eagle Forum's Position
U.S. House of RepresentativesRepublicansDemocrats
Ban on Internet GamblingYes87%57%
Child Interstate Abortion Notification ActYes95%27%
Border Protection and Illegal Immigration ControlYes88%18%
Taxpayer funding to kill human embryosNo78%7%
Prohibit Foreign Language Ballots (King amendment) — Yes73%2%

The numbers show who cares about the pro-family agenda. Immigration will be a key issue in this election. We must elect Members of Congress who will secure our border and put an end to illegal immigration!

We cannot let our dissatisfaction and disappointment with some members of the Republican Party keep us from voting for the good guys — the ones who really are leaders for the conservative cause! Don't let the liberal media keep your from voting on November 7th!

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   Check out the list of candidates endorsed by Eagle Forum PAC and VOTE on November 7th!

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