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November 30, 2006

Will Lame Duck Republicans Betray the Middle Class?

The last meeting of the Republican Congress will be next week's Lame Duck Session. On the schedule is a "Tax Extender" package to extend popular deductions and credits.

But some Congressmen are trying to attach a very UNpopular and controversial amendment giving trade preference to Haiti and Africa, for which the chief beneficiary would be Communist China. In a backroom deal, outgoing Ways & Means chairman Bill Thomas (R-CA) has offered an amendment that would change U.S. trade law in order to allow Haiti and Africa to sell apparel to the United States duty-free when it is made from fabric made in China, India, Pakistan, or Vietnam.

Republicans lost heavily on November 7 in states where middle-class jobs were wiped out because of plant closings and outsourcing (especially in Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania). We hope the Republican Congress, as its last act, is not going to kick the middle class again and deal another blow to America's middle-class manufacturing base.

Tell your Senators, Representatives and especially the House leadership to vote NO on this last-minute, backroom trade bill that would give China even greater access to American markets through Haiti and Africa. Save American jobs — and save Republicans from stupid politics.

Take Action

   Call your Representative and urge them to vote NO on Lame Duck job-killing trade bills!

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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