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January 29, 2007

Update: Unfortunately, the Ensign amendment on Totalization Reform was ruled non-germane and a vote will not be allowed on it. Continue to pressure your Senators to support Sen. Ensignís bill S. 43, which addresses Totalization Reform.
Truly Protect The Middle Class!

Urge Senators for Vote YES on the Ensign Amendment!

When the Senate debates the Minimum Wage Bill (H.R. 2), Senators will have a chance to save the Social Security system from the financial disaster that would be caused by the plan to bring illegal aliens into the system just as baby boomers retire.

The Bush Administration has negotiated a "Totalization" agreement with Mexico that would put millions of illegal aliens into our Social Security system, allowing them to collect U.S. benefits after only 18 months work in this country. Even this small amount of work was probably based on false or stolen Social Security numbers. (Americans have to work 10 years to earn S.S. benefits.)

Totalization agreements with other countries are totally different from the plan to include illegal aliens from Mexico. One of the dangers of this new plan is that it is scheduled to become law unless the House or Senate passes a resolution disapproving it within 60 days. This is outrageous and financially dangerous.

Senator Ensign (R-NV) has offered an amendment to the Minimum Wage Bill, requiring all Social Security Totalization agreements to be treated as bilateral trade agreements and permitting a totalization agreement to go into effect only if affirmatively passed by both Houses of Congress. It would also require a report from the Social Security Commissioner on the costs and number of persons affected by the agreement.

Regardless of your views on illegal immigration or how to save Social Security, we should all be able to agree that our Social Security system cannot bear such an additional burden. Similarly, Congress should have significant oversight in these matters, rather than a passive silence indicating approval.

Take Action

The Senate will vote this week! We need your help to let Senators know to vote YES on the Ensign Amendment. Call your Senators today and tell them to protect the middle class by voting for the Ensign Amendment!

Urge Your Senators to vote YES on the Ensign Amendment!

Call Your Senators Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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