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February 7, 2007

UPDATE: Popular Vote Plan Dies in N.D., Mont.
State Legislatures Plot To Abolish Electoral College

Uphold the Constitution and the Way We Elect Our Presidents!

Beware of mischievous activities in your state legislature intended to change our constitutional form of government and to abolish the Electoral College! This effort to radically alter the way we elect our presidents has become a nationwide campaign, led by a compact of as few as eleven of the most populous states. The plan of the campaign, called the National Popular Vote (NPV), is to get states with at least 270 votes in the Electoral College to enact identical bills requiring their own electors to ignore the winner of their state's election and cast all their state's ballots for the candidate who the state believes received more popular votes than the other candidates nationwide, even if he fails to win a majority of the popular vote. This scheming by frustrated liberals to negate the original intentions of our Founding Fathers is outrageous and un-American!

Traditionally, each state has cast its electoral votes, equal to its total representation in Congress, for the candidate who receives the most votes statewide. The Electoral College is one of the legacies of the inspired genius of our Founding Fathers because it allows all states, regardless of size, to be players in the process of electing our President. It induces presidential candidates to gear their time, money, and policies toward the whole country, not merely toward the half dozen most populous states. The direct election of presidents would be a political, electoral, and constitutional mistake that would radically change America's election system and produce various unfavorable results, including:

  • Geographically narrower campaigns, for election efforts would be largely urban.

  • Increased election-fraud.

  • A multicandidate, multiparty system, rather than the two-party system we currently have.

  • Weaker presidents.

Bills are currently being drafted and introduced in almost all 50 states; a bill even passed the Colorado State Senate in April 2006! The Electoral College ensures that no single faction or issue can elect a president because he must win many diverse states to be elected. The U.S. Constitution established this method for a reason and it has served us well for more than two centuries — please help us in preserving it!

Take Action

  • Call your state legislators and urge them to vote NO on any measure in favor of abolishing the Electoral College!

  • Talking Points for Electoral College — Please print out this 2-page PDF file.

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