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March 7, 2007

Feminists Up To No Good!

Tell the Senate NOT to Ratify CEDAW!

With the new Democratic majority in the House and Senate, feminists across the country are pressuring Congress to ratify CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. Signed by Jimmy Carter in 1980, and repeatedly promoted by Bill and Hillary Clinton, it has wisely never been ratified. A far-reaching international version of the ERA, CEDAW has already used its power to pressure 44 nations to legalize or increase access to abortion.

CEDAW Threatens:


  • Recommendations by the UN Committee would be used against pro-life laws in U.S. courts such as parental involvement laws, the ban on partial birth abortions, and conscience protection for people of faith.


  • Article 10 of CEDAW mandates the removal of all gender stereotypes from education. This could lead to the UN revising our textbooks and teaching methods.

Pay Scale

  • Article 11 would chain the U.S. to the feminist goal that wages should be paid on subjective notions of "equal value" rather than on the U.S. standard of equal pay for equal work.

CEDAW undermines the dignity of women by devaluing their irreplaceable roles as mothers, infringes on national sovereignty, ignores the United States division of authority between the states and federal power, and allows the sexual rights of women to supersede the rights of other human beings including unborn children and men. CEDAW would give global bureaucrats and activist judges extraordinary power to revise U.S. laws, education, and customs to comport to radical feminist ideology. The U.S. Senate must say NO to CEDAW because putting the U.N. and its band of radical feminists in charge is not what our founding fathers had in mind!

President Bush can help stop the radical feminists by UNsigning the treaty like he did with the UNsigning of the International Criminal Court. Encourage our president to take a stand against the radical feminists and UNsign CEDAW.

Further Reading on CEDAW

Take Action

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee could vote on CEDAW anytime! Please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the ratification of CEDAW. Members of the committee are especially important to contact! Call today!

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Members:

Democrats: Biden (DE), Dodd (CT), Kerry (MA), Feingold (WI), Boxer (CA), Nelson (FL), Obama (IL), Menendez (NJ), Cardin (MD), Casey (PA), Webb (VA)

Republicans: Lugar (IN), Hagel (NE), Coleman (MN), Corker (TN), Sununu (NH), Voinovich (OH), Murkowski (AK), DeMint (SC), Isakson (GA), Vitter (LA)

Urge Your Senators to vote NO on CEDAW!

Call Your Senators Today!

Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121

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