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May 18, 2007

UPDATE: On May 21, the Senate voted for cloture on S. 1348 by a 69-23 margin, which means the bill can now be subject to further debate and amended.

Call Your Senators and tell them to Vote NO on the Amnesty Bill!

By now you've heard the news-the Senate and the White House have reached a deal on granting amnesty to the 12 million illegal aliens here in the United States. However, this deal is just the first step in the process. No bill has passed either the House or the Senate. In fact, no debate has even started! Your voice and activism can still make a difference!

On Monday evening, the Senate will take a vote on whether to proceed to debating the amnesty bill. Please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on cloture (the motion to proceed). If debate does proceed on the bill, Eagle Forum members need to kick into high gear! We will be monitoring the debate and amendments daily. Stay tuned to your email and our website for updated alerts!

The Senators pushing the amnesty will try to ram this mammoth bill through before the Memorial Day recess so they can vote and not worry about the response of their constituents. Keep their phones ringing off the hook all week! Don't let up! Call every day, every hour, if necessary! Tell them you want them to come home and listen to your concerns before they vote!

Don't let Washington elites push through their amnesty! Call your Senators and tell them you want to see a copy of the bill before they vote on it! Tell them to vote NO on cloture!

Take Action

    Contact the Media
  • Please call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on cloture on any immigration bill.

  • Tell them you want them to postpone any vote on final passage until after Memorial Day so you can have your say while the Senator is back in your state.

  • Send this email to 10 friends, call talk radio, and spread the word at your church and community events! You still have time to make a difference!!

Call Your Senators Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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