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May 23, 2007
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More Senate Details on Senate Amnesty
Senator Grassley Points out the Top 15 Flaws in the Kennedy-Kyl Amnesty!

The Senate continues to debate the Kennedy-Kyl amnesty this week. Great work on keeping the phones in Washington ringing off the hook!! You have already made a big difference. Victory #1 is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is delaying a vote on final passage until after the Memorial Day recess! Now you have a chance to make your voice heard when your Senators are home for the recess next week!

A hero of enforcing our immigration laws, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), has made a list of the Top 15 flaws in the Senate bill. Below are a few of the highlights, but please visit his website to view the complete list and a chart outlining the amnesty process granted in the Kennedy-Kyl Amnesty.

Flaws in the Kennedy-Kyl Amnesty
(compiled by Senator Chuck Grassley)
  • Many criminal provisions may be waived – Numerous criminal provisions are waived for eligibility purposes. For example, an alien who falsely claims U.S. citizenship would be considered eligible for amnesty even though it’s a crime.
  • Background checks taken too lightly – An illegal alien can apply for probationary status and a Z visa without thorough background checks. Immediately after the bill passes, the alien can apply for probationary legal status and receive a card even if the alien’s background check is not complete.
  • Illegal aliens protected from removal – If an alien is in removal proceedings, or being detained, at the time of enactment, the alien can still apply for amnesty. Aliens who apply for amnesty cannot be detained or deported while their application is being processed, essentially giving them immunity from justice.
  • Terrorists and criminals can apply for amnesty – The Secretary of Homeland Security is allowed to waive the grounds of ineligibility for those who have an outstanding administrative final order of removal, deportation or exclusion. Currently there are more than 637,000 alien absconders in the United States that have defied orders to leave.
  • Taxes – Illegal aliens are required to provide the IRS information about tax payments only when applying for legal permanent residence, if that avenue is pursued. Illegal aliens can skirt the federal, state and local tax laws because its not a requirement to prove one has paid outstanding tax liabilities to get probationary or Z status.

Amendment Update:

  • Dorgan Amendment—eliminating the 400,000/yr guest-worker program
    Eagle Forum urged a YES vote. RESULT: Amendment failed 31-64 (Roll Call 174)
  • Grassley Amendment—allow visas to be revoked without judicial review
    Eagle Forum urged a YES vote. Will be voted on today.
  • Inhofe Amendment—making English our official national language
    Eagle Forum urged a YES vote. Will be voted on soon.

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  • Call your Senators and tell them to vote YES on the Grassley and Inhofe Amendments!!

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