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May 25, 2007

Senators Must Face the Music on Immigration!
Senate Recesses for Memorial Day!

The first week of debate on the Kennedy-Kyl amnesty bill (S. Amdt. 1150 to S. 1348) has wrapped up and Senators are on their way home to face the music on their determined effort to grant amnesty to the 10-12 million illegal aliens here. Thanks to your calls, not even pro-amnesty Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) could force a vote on final passage of the bill until after the recess.

Update on Amendments:

Check out how your Senators voted on the following amendments by clicking on the Roll Call Vote link.

  • Dorgan Amendment — to eliminate the guest worker program.
    Failed 31-64 (Roll Call 174)

  • Bingaman Amendment — to limit guest workers to 200,000 annually.
    Passed 74-24 (Roll Call 175)

  • Coleman Amendment — to allow law enforcement officers and government officials to inquire as to the legal status of individuals they serve.
    Failed 48-49 (Roll Call 177)

  • Dorgan Amendment — to sunset the guest-worker program after 5 years.
    Failed 48-49 (Roll Call 178)

  • Vitter Amendment — to strike Title VI, the amnesty portion, of the Senate bill.
    Failed 29-66 (Roll Call 180)

  • Cornyn Amendment — to deny any chance at legal status to gang members, terrorists, sex offenders, and alien absconders (those already under deportation orders).
    Amendment Pending
    Eagle Forum urges a YES vote

  • Grassley Amendment — to allow streamlined visa revocations for terrorists.
    Amendment Pending
    Eagle Forum urge a YES vote

  • Inhofe Amendment — to declare English as our official national language.
    Amendment Pending
    Eagle Forum urges a YES vote
  • Take Action

    Contact your Members of Congress during recess
    Enter your zip code then press go. Select your U.S. Senators to find their district offices.
    You will have all of next week to make your concerns about the immigration bill known, while your Senators are in their states. Here are some things you can do:

    • Call their district office and ask for any local events where the Senator will be appearing

    • Make signs opposing the amnesty, grab a dozen friends, and stand peacefully outside your Senators' office (be sure to call your local newspaper and let them know what you're doing)

    • Call local talk radio and write letters to the editor

    • Call your local Republican or Democratic party officials and let them know you will not support any candidate who votes for the Kennedy-Kyl amnesty.

    Call Your Senators in their Districts Today!

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