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June 1, 2007

Tell Your Senators to vote NO on cloture on the Kyl-Kennedy Amnesty!

It’s game time folks! The Senate will return to session on Monday and a vote on the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty is likely by the end of the week. Never has there been a time where your action is more needed! Your Senators need to keep hearing from you—call everyday! They will likely be in the district all weekend, so keep your eyes out for any public events they may attend and let your voice be heard! Tell them we don’t want to even talk about amnesty or guest worker plans until we see the fence built and the illegal population shrinking!

We have one chance to stop this dangerous bill in the Senate. If we can get 41 Senators to vote NO on the cloture motion (to end debate and proceed to a final vote), we can stop it! Our Founders gave us the legislative filibuster as a tool for times such as these, so the American people can force their elected officials to listen to them! Call and tell your Senators to vote NO on cloture!

Eagle Forum has been working very hard in Washington and across the country to find out where the votes fall on the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty. Our tallies tell us that a filibuster is possible, but there are many Senators who need to be “shored up” by their constituents. Call their office and ask them to publicly commit to voting against cloture and against the Kyl-Kennedy bill. If they do not commit, call your local talk radio station and let them know what your Senator’s office said. It is time to hold our elected officials to account!

All Senators should be called, but here is a list of targeted Senators:

Alexander Crapo Lugar*
Allard Domenici* McConnell
Bingaman Ensign McCaskill
BrownbackEnzi Murkowski
Brown Graham*Pryor*
Burr Gregg Rockefeller
Carper Hutchison Stabenow
Chambliss* Isakson* Sununu
Craig Kyl* Smith
Cochran Landrieu Tester
Coleman Levin Webb
Collins Lincoln*
Conrad Lott

*Publicly supports the Kyl-Kennedy bill. (Washington Times, 5-21-07)

Take Action

The Senate will vote on the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty this week!! Please keep up the pressure—your calls are working! Tell them to vote NO on cloture the Kyl-Kennedy Amnesty.

Call Your Senator Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121

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