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June 18, 2007

Tell Your Senators to vote NO on proceeding to the amnesty bill!!

Just a few days after President Bush met with Republican Senators in a closed door meeting on Capitol Hill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced a deal to bring the Kyl-Kennedy amnesty bill back from the dead. The Senate will vote this week on several procedural motions, including the “motion to proceed,” which determines if the Senate will bring back the amnesty bill for a vote. All Senators should vote NO on any attempt to resurrect the amnesty bill. Any vote to bring the bill back will be considered as a vote for amnesty!

As a part of the deal to bring the bill back up, Senate leaders agreed to a set of amendments to be considered. The important thing to remember is that all of these amendments already have a predetermined outcome, which is why they are being allowed a vote on the floor. For every amendment on the floor the “Grand Bargainers” have already decided that, if the amendment does nothing to actually improve the bill or could be stripped out in a conference with the House bill, they will let it pass. If the amendment does cut to the heart of the bill and attempt to improve it, they will defeat it. As Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) said, “the process is rigged.”

This week things could move very fast. We need your voices to be stronger, louder and more effective than ever! Keep up the calls!

Take Action

Call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the motion to proceed! Tell them Eagle Forum will be scoring this vote! A vote to proceed will be scored as a vote for amnesty!

All Senators should be called, but these are especially important:

Targets: Burr, Brownback, Bennett, Chambliss, Craig, Cochran, Coleman, Cornyn, Collins, Crapo, Domenici, Ensign, Gregg, Hatch, Hutchison, Isakson, Lott, McConnell, Murkowski, Rockefeller, Sanders, Stabenow, Snowe, Sununu, Stevens, Thune, Warner, Webb

Call Your Senators Today!

Capitol Switchboard: (202)-224-3121

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