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2009 Eagle Forum ALERTS
12-19-09 URGENT: Nelson caves, Senate sets 1:00 a.m. vote!
12-17-09 Attention AR, DE, IN, NE, ND, & PA Residents!
12-14-09 Call NOW to Support the Sessions and Ensign Amendments!
12-07-09 Where We Are in the Senate Health Care Debate
11-24-09 Thank you, Michele Bachmann
11-19-09 Tell your Senator to vote NO on Cloture!
11-19-09 PRESS RELEASE Eagle Forum Urges an Unconditional NO Vote on the Cloture Motion to Proceed to the Anti-Life Senate Health Care Bill
11-17-09 EF Launches Radio Ads to Defeat ObamaCare
11-06-09 House Health Care Votes to Begin 9am Saturday!
11-04-09 Bring the Town Hall Meeting to Washington Tomorrow!
11-02-09 House Will Vote on Pelosi Health Plan this Week!
10-21-09 Rally your Senators to Support for the Vitter Census Amendment!
10-13-09 Thank the House GOP for Opposing Hate Crimes
10-06-09 Join with Americans Nationwide and Light Up the Capitol Switchboard Today!
10-02-09 The Latest on the Senate Health Care Disaster
Final Committee Vote Will Occur Next Week!
9-29-09 Call the Senators on the Finance Committee and Tell Them to Say NO to the Radical Baucus bill!
9-09-09 Tell your Senators to Vote NO on Obama's "Czar" Today!
8-31-09 The Health Care Fight is Far from Over!
7-28-09 Pelosi Rallies for a Vote on Health Care this Week!
7-20-09 Time to Defeat ObamaCare!
6-25-09 Liberals Pull Out all the Stops to Rush through Pelosi's Energy Tax!
6-23-09 Nancy Pelosi Schedules Household Energy Tax Vote this Week!
6-16-09 Defeat ObamaCare Now!
6-12-09 Texas Residents: Urge Governor to Veto Bill
6-11-09 Arm Yourself for the Battle Against Government-Run Health Care!
5-19-09 Send your comments to the NIH opposing the killing of human embryos!
5-15-09 Tell your Representative to vote No on the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill!
5-12-09 No More Credit Cards for Illegal Immigrants
5-08-09 Contact your Senators in preparation for hate crimes vote!
4-27-09 House to Vote on Hate Crimes bill this Wednesday!
4-06-09 Thank Legislators Who Voted Against the Budget
3-18-09 Tell Senate Judiciary Committee Members to Vote NO on Radical Pro-Abortion Activist, Dawn Johnsen!
3-11-09 Urge Your Senator to Vote NO on David Ogden as Deputy Attorney General.
3-10-09 Sen. Reid Threatens to Block E-Verify Vote!
3-06-09Senate Extends Debate: E-Verify Vote Next Week!
Tell your Senators to vote YES on Amendment 604!
3-05-09E-Verify Set to Expire Tomorrow!
Tell Harry Reid to stop objecting to full reauthorization!
2-25-09Urge your Representative to Oppose the Omnibus!
2-23-09Senate Votes Tuesday: D.C. Voting Bill is Unconstitutional!
2-13-09Obama, Liberal Majority Violates your Right to Open Government
2-12-09Republican Senator Withdraws as Commerce Secretary Nominee!
2-11-09Stimulus Rations Health Care for Senior Citizens!
Call your Representatives and Senators and Demand this Provision be Removed!
2-09-09 Tell your Senators to Oppose the Collins-Nelson Substitute!
2-05-09Tell your Senators to Vote NO on H.R. 1!
1-26-09Stop Radical Anti-Life Spending Legislation
Tell your Representatives to Reject Spending Proposal!
1-26-09SCHIP Update!
1-14-09Senate to vote on S. 181 Thursday morning!
Tell your Senators to OPPOSE S. 181!
1-13-09 House to Vote on 'Hillary-Care' for Kids!
Tell your Representatives to vote AGAINST the expansion of SCHIP!
1-12-09Stop the Bailout for Trial Lawyers
Call your Senators today and urge them to vote against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act!
1-06-09Stop Feminist Wage Control!
Tell your Representatives to vote NO on the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act!
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