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April 18, 2012
Phone calls to the Louisiana Governor’s office at 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121 are essential to prevent pro-aborts from wiping another good pro-life law off the books.
The Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, says he is pro-life.  And the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit renders pro-life decisions.  But a district court there has rendered a pro-abortion decision, and pro-aborts are trying to prevent its appeal to the Fifth Circuit where it will likely be reversed.
The good Louisiana law that will be lost is “Act 825,” which excludes from state malpractice coverage abortionists who deny their patients fully informed consent.  Good physicians and taxpayers should not be required to pay for malpractice caused by abortionists who deny informed consent.  This La. Rev. Stat. 9:2800.12 was struck down in a flawed decision that would likely be overturned on appeal – if Louisiana appeals.
Tell the Louisiana Governor that if he is pro-life, as he says, then he needs to appeal this pro-abortion decision in Hope Medical Group for Women v. LeBlanc (Civ. No. 07-879 & 10-511, Middle District of Louisiana, Mar. 1, 2012). The Louisiana Governor can be reached at 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121 and also electronically at:
Quiz: What do Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and now Louisiana all have in common?  In each state pro-life politicians have failed to timely defend good pro-life laws.  Politicians who claim to be pro-life need to hear from our side that they are not pro-life if they do not fully defend pro-life laws in court.
Time is short and immediate calls are needed to the Louisiana Governor’s office so that pro-aborts do not obtain a big legal victory.  The final deadline on filing the appeal is soon.  Call him now at at 225-342-7015 or 866-366-1121.

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