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Eagle Forum Capitol Alert
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, September 20, 2001
Lori Cole, (202) 246-7755

Defending Liberty in a Time of Crisis
Eagle Forum Joins In Defense of Freedom Coalition

WASHINGTON, D.C. ¾ "On September 11, terrorists attacked the heart of America. The nation mourns the loss and still fears future attacks. However even in this time of a national crisis, our Constitutional rights must not be sacrificed," said Lori Cole, Executive Director of Eagle Forum.

"We support the Bush Administration's effort to find and hold accountable the perpetrators of September 11's heinous acts. Yet, Congress must act deliberately and carefully when considering legislation that could infringe on our freedoms and liberties. Proposals that give the federal government unprecedented police power to snoop and spy on law-abiding citizens must be rejected.

"In the name of 'anti-terrorism,' proposals such as a National I.D. card, Know-Your-Customer banking systems, and expansion of government databases to tag and track Americans are all on the table for discussion. Bad ideas before are still bad ideas now.

"We do not want an American society where everyone is treated as a terrorist, money launderer, drug trafficker, or criminal. Only totalitarian regimes monitor the private actions of law-abiding citizens. The Fourth Amendment is one of our most precious constitutional rights, and we will not hand it over to the terrorists.

"Fifteen of the nineteen suspected terrorists were in this country illegally. We should enforce our immigration laws already on the law books instead of cracking down on the freedoms of law-abiding citizens. Terrorism is not a domestic problem if we have border security.

"This is not a Republican or Democrat issue; it's a liberty issue. By joining this unprecedented coalition, we are sending a message to those who want to see America's demise that attacking our financial and political centers will not crumble freedom or the American spirit," Cole concluded.