Common Core: Victory in Oklahoma!

July 15, 2014 Common Core: Victory in Oklahoma! For several years, Eagle Forum leaders across the nation have led the fight against the massive federal takeover of our schools known as Common Core. In Oklahoma, several dedicated organizations successfully worked … Continue reading

Obama Requests $3.7 BILLION in Emergency Funding

July 8, 2014 Obama Requests $3.7 BILLION in Emergency Funding Following criticism from the amnesty crowd, President Obama has retreated on sending unaccompanied illegal children back to their home country. However, the President is making a $3.8 billion emergency supplemental … Continue reading

Supreme Court Update

June 30, 2014 Supreme Court Update The Supreme Court has ended its term by handing conservatives several qualified but important victories. In the areas of religious freedom, public-sector unionism, the pro-life movement, and executive overreach, the court dealt significant blows … Continue reading

Obamacare is Killing America!

Obamacare is Killing America! Barack Obama has created an Imperial Presidency and his Obamacare is destroying our economy! But Barack Obama and his cronies refuse to admit it. They are now attacking anyone — even Americans suffering from terrible diseases … Continue reading

URGENT: Need Calls to Stop Barron!

May 21, 2014 Update: Cloture was invoked on the judicial nomination of David Barron today, but the vote was tight – only 52 senators voted to close debate. All Republicans voted no, as did Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Mary … Continue reading