January 2013 Education Reporter

Turkish Charter Schools in America Michigan Passes Right-to-Work New Illinois School Report Cards Education Briefs TIMSS and PIRLS Results Teachers Unions Launch Video Propaganda Book of the Month: IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity FOCUS: The Freedom to … Continue reading

December 2012 Education Reporter

Indiana Voters Reject Common Core in Upset What Happened on November 6th? Affirmative Action ‘Mismatch’ Education Briefs Charter Schools and Common Core: Changing the Face of Private Education Zero Tolerance for Deaf Child’s Name Book of the Month: The One … Continue reading

November 2012 Education Reporter

Fisher Could End Affirmative Action Training Teachers for ‘Social Justice’ Public Virtual Schools: Education, Profit, and Influence Education Briefs WI Judge Strikes Down Act 10 Palm Beach County Schools Offers Free Breakfast for All Book of the Month: The Victims’ … Continue reading

‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools

Back to October 2012 Ed Reporter ‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools In addition to condoms already available at all New York City public high schools, “the morning after pill” Plan B, and Depo-Provera the every three months birth control injection, … Continue reading

October 2012 Education Reporter

‘Plan B’ in NYC Schools Chicago Teachers Union Strike The Politics of Cafeteria Food Education Briefs Obama Campaign Recruits in the College Classroom Fall Freshman Seminars Fall Short Book of the Month: Charter Schools in Action Focus: Radicalizing Early Childhood … Continue reading

September 2012 Education Reporter

Coming Soon: Probable Anti-Male Caps in Math and Science Schools to Dispense Discipline Based on Race, Not Merely Behavior Obama: Put Teachers on Federal Payroll Education Briefs Pennsylvania Parents Fight Taxes with Common Sense Common Core Standards Dumbing Down the … Continue reading

August 2012 Education Reporter

NEA vs. Paycheck Protection NEA Obama Rally Takes a Swipe at Romney Education Briefs NEA Membership Continues to Plummet Book of the Month: The Higher Education Bubble Some NEA Resolutions Passed at the 2012 Convention in Washington, D.C. … Continue reading

July 2012 Education Reporter

Conservatives React to Romney’s Education Ideas What’s Missing from the Romney Plan? Louisiana Voucher Program Privatizes Education Scott Walker’s Victory Means Better Education Funding Education Briefs Former Law Student Enlarges Student Loan Loophole Colorado School Courts Illegal Immigrants with Tuition … Continue reading

June 2012 Education Reporter

New Law Boosts Tennessee Science Standards Texas Takes on Student Debt Crisis Talking Pineapples? NY Drops Weird Q&A on Standardized Test Education Briefs School District Fears Popular Bible Class Might Offend Funders Report Helps Bring Historical Texts Back to Ohio … Continue reading