Common Core’s Political Agenda

Back to April 2013 Ed Reporter Common Core’s Political Agenda The Common Core State Standards are standardizing student learning and performance nationwide and will gauge achievement using national tests. The standards were called for and created at the behest of … Continue reading

Who Is Waging War On Women?

March 2013 Who Is Waging War On Women? The real war against women is the announced plan of the Obama Administration, using outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta as the fall guy, to assign women for the first time in … Continue reading

Autopsy for the Republican Party

Autopsy for the Republican Party by Phyllis Schlafly March 27, 2013 A claque of liberals and media bigwigs are calling RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’s 97-page political opus an Autopsy, which the dictionary defines as the dissection of a body after … Continue reading

Rules for Addressing Amnesty

Rules for Addressing Amnesty by Phyllis Schlafly March 20, 2013 Republicans are getting a lot of unsolicited advice about how to recover from last year’s defeat, and most of it is either ignorant or coming from people who don’t have … Continue reading

The Hypocrisy of Amnesty Advocates

The Hypocrisy of Amnesty Advocates by Phyllis Schlafly February 20, 2013 Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. The Ronald Reagan amnesty of 1986 was a conspicuous failure, and a virtually identical plan … Continue reading