URGENT ACTION: Stop Obama’s Executive Fiat!

November 20, 2014 In a clear violation of the Constitution, immigration laws, and his own past statements, President Obama just unilaterally declared a mass amnesty affecting up to five million illegal immigrants in an emotionally-driven speech that shockingly invoked scripture … Continue reading

Grubergate Should Spark Hearings by Congress

Grubergate Should Spark Hearings by Congress by Phyllis Schlafly November 19, 2014 “Grubergate” is the name for the embarrassing revelations about Obamacare by its chief architect, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) predicted that the House Oversight Committee … Continue reading

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

Lies, Lies, and More Lies By Pat Carlson Eagle Forum Environmental Chairman November 12, 2014 The world has been experiencing extreme cooling trends for years and there has been no warming of the earth since 1997. Yet global warming advocates … Continue reading

Obama Starts Democrats’ War Against Women

Obama Starts Democrats’ War Against Women by Phyllis Schlafly November 5, 2014 Barack Obama has suddenly made himself the leader of a new war on women. In a Rhode Island pre-election campaign speech, he repudiated the principle of giving choices … Continue reading

Every Vote Counts!

Re: Every Vote Counts! November 2014 We hope you saw this email last Thursday and have passed it on! The future of our nation rests on the decisions made at the polls tomorrow. In order to stop Barack Obama from … Continue reading

October 2014 Phyllis Schlafly Report

October 2014 Who Killed the American Family? A great deal has been written about the decline in the percenftage of Americans who are living in a traditional nuclear family. It was 21 years ago that the famous scholar Charles Murray … Continue reading