Growing Rejection of Common Core

Growing Rejection of Common Core by Phyllis Schlafly June 11, 2014 The most controversial current issue in education today is clearly Common Core. It’s being more hotly debated than bullying, zero tolerance, sex ed, abortion, or even school lunches. Common … Continue reading

Obamacare is Killing America!

Obamacare is Killing America! Barack Obama has created an Imperial Presidency and his Obamacare is destroying our economy! But Barack Obama and his cronies refuse to admit it. They are now attacking anyone — even Americans suffering from terrible diseases … Continue reading

The Racket of Guest Workers

The Racket of Guest Workers by Phyllis Schlafly June 4, 2014 Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, just hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in … Continue reading

Unmasking the Imperial Presidency

May 2014 Unmasking the Imperial Presidency “Imperial Presidency” perfectly describes what the Obama Administration has become as it increasingly violates the limits on its power defined by the U.S. Constitution. Criticisms of how President Obama is overstepping his authority are … Continue reading

America’s Marriage Miasma, Part 5.B.

VOL. 16, NO. 4 July 17, 2014 Back to the Basics: Straightening Up America, XI America’s Marriage Miasma, Part 5.B. By Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D., National Chairman In this Briefing, we continue asking the question, has America bent over backwards so … Continue reading

Window Into the Future

Window Into the Future by Phyllis Schlafly May 28, 2014 The problems with the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) giving inferior and delayed care to veterans is a good window into the future of Obamacare. Both the VA and Obamacare suffer … Continue reading

Ending Common Core – Please take action!

May 27, 2014 Common Core is on the defensive across the country, but Oklahoma has an opportunity to score the biggest victory against it yet! HB3399 would immediately repeal Common Core and return control of education standards to the state. … Continue reading