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I am with you! We cannot allow the politicians and their big business backers to declare a General Amnesty for illegal aliens. Millions of Americans are without jobs now. It is crucial we stop this dangerous scheme to lower all wages in the U.S., open our borders and destroy the safety of our country.

To help defeat this dangerous and radical amnesty, I have signed the petition below. Please see that my message is delivered to my representatives in Congress.

Petition to my representatives in Congress:

Whereas, Congress has been asked to enact a new temporary-foreign-workers plan that would amount to amnesty for illegal actions and would invite new foreign workers to enter the United States, and

Whereas, this would turn America into a hiring hall for the world, opening our borders to the millions (and perhaps billions) who want to come to our country, and

Whereas, the increase in the supply of people willing to work for low wages will inevitably depress the wages of all Americans, especially during our current jobless recovery, and

Whereas, this plan will constitute a heavy burden on U.S. taxpayers who are already paying the high cost of hospital care, schools, and prisons used by illegal aliens,

Whereas, this plan is destructive to all concerned because it promotes a subordinate class of workers who will never rise into the American middle class and achieve the American dream,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the undersigned citizen of the United States hereby calls on you to oppose any legislation that would grant legal residence to persons illegally in the United States, or would setup a system for "willing foreign workers" to bypass our immigration system.

'The undersigned also urges you in the strongest terms to enact meaningful protections for America by, among other actions, placing troops and technological barriers on our borders to stop additional illegal entry, rejecting all so-called guest-worker proposals no matter what they are called, and cutting off federal highway funds to any state that gives driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

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Americans speak out about Amnesty

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