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— Our Purposes —

The general purpose of Court Watch is to promote justice in the courts, which are so centrally involved in America's Culture War. Reconstructionist (activist/liberal) judges have been grabbing the power to morph our U. S. Constitution into a Humanist document and then use ""their" Constitution to beat all of America into a Humanist culture. Court Watch is unswervingly committed to countering this Humanistic assault and to "Reviving the Constitution!" through the re-establishment of the Judeo-Christian worldview as the foundation our Constitution and our culture.

Court Watch pursues this general purpose through several specific objectives:

  • Explaining the Culture War, with specific emphasis on the roles of the courts and the U. S. Constitution in the War;

  • Providing "back-to-the-basics" knowledge of the Constitution and the courts;

  • Offering an historical perspective on the courts, the Constitution, and the Culture War;

  • Emphasizing the development of critical thinking skills, focusing on mastering the key constitutional/cultural arguments of both Reconstructionists and

  • Constitutionalists (Judeo-Christian advocates), and learning how to use Constitutionalist arguments to demolish Reconstructionism/Humanism;
  • Equipping Constitutionalists to use the weapons for effective Culture War combat taught in these studies and motivating Constitutionalists to engage in the War.
Teaching Evolutionism in Texas: Bad for Texas and Bad for the Nation?
Court Watch/Blackstone workshop in Sugarland, Texas, June 2011
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