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Talking Points Bulletin June/July 2001

Special Report Index
The Power Shift
Sen. Leahy's Outrageous Intrusion on First Amendment  
"Public Nuisances" column by Emmett Tyrell (06-03-01)
  "Centrist in Liberal-Speak" by Ann Coulter (05-10-01 column) 
"Jeffords Ducking Vermont media"
"Election Report Fraud" — by Mona Charen  
Civil Rights Commissioners use Democrat to "Independent" Trick
The Polls
"ABC/Post Poll Uses Suspect Firm for Calls"
The President
Point: If President Bush was a Democrat, the liberal media would be hailing him as a man of "principle over party" instead of applying that phrase to turncoat Senators like James Jeffords. They'd be saying Bush was courageous for not allowing his Administration to be held hostage by a minority of opposing Democrats who were working against his agenda and what he, as the elected President, views best for the nation.

Point: The President has the opportunity to prove he is strong enough to take a short-term loss in the Senate in order to make a long-term point, even if other liberal Republicans are threatening to defect.

Point: As suggested in our Sample Letter to the President, it is time that President Bush go over the liberal media's heads, bypass his many fierce critics and help to defuse his Democratic and "Independent" opposition by speaking directly to the American people. We urge him to address the nation and highlight in his speech a specific call for the people's strong support of his judicial nominees.

"Bush Needs More Face Time," by Mona Charen ( 06-03-01)

Our Push
Utilize the above information and analysis plus the following case facts to expand on the same points you make in your letters to the President, Senators, and Judiciary Committee members, based on our samples.

Reiterate those themes in letters-to-the-editor, and to our targeted talk radio and television outlets. (See the accompanying "How to Promote Court Reform in the Media" lobbying guide.)

The Proof
To highlight the urgent need for federal Court Reform and the approval of President Bush's restraintist nominees, cite specific activist rulings by the federal courts and current pending cases such as:

Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition 

Books v Elkhart 

Chandler v. Siegelman (orig. Chandler v. James) 

PGA Tour v Martin 

"The Constitution does not 'morph' from decade to decade."
— Justice Antonin Scalia

"The First Amendment was intended to make sure that states would not be subject to any uniform domination by the federal government on matters of religion. But by perversely interpreting the 14th Amendment, our judges have applied it to the states in such a way as to allow the federal courts to impose a uniform absence of religion on our people."

— Alan Keyes

"The integrity of law depends entirely upon the degree to which its processes are legitimate. A judge who announces a decision must be able to demonstrate that he began from recognized legal principles and reasoned in an intellectually coherent and politically neutral way to his result. Those who would politicize the law offer the public, and the judiciary, the temptation of results without regard to legitimacy."

— Judge Robert Bork

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