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Clinton's National Workforce and Education Plan,
Goals 2000, and OBE

by U.S. Rep. Henry Hyde

President Clinton's plan for a national workforce of skilled laborers is being achieved through the Goals 2000 Educate America Act (H.R. 1804), School to Work Opportunities Act (H.R. 2884), and Improving America's Schools Act (H.R. 6), all of which were passed and signed into law by President Clinton in 1994.

I'll tell you why it is so important to repeal these laws. The plan for Goals 2000 was developed by Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ira Magaziner, and Marc Tucker, President of the National Center on Education and the Economy (funded by the Carnegie Foundation), prior to Clinton's election. It is a concept for dumbing-down our schools and changing the character of the nation through behavior modification (a vital part of this plan). It moves away from an academically intensive curriculum to one that is integrated with vocational training, producing skilled manpower for the labor market. The economy will be controlled by the federal government by controlling our workforce and our schools. I'm enclosing an 18-page letter to Hillary Clinton from Marc Tucker, which includes the frame work for Goals 2000. He also writes about creating "a seamless web of opportunities to develop one■s skills that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for everyone -- young and old, poor and rich, worker and full-time student."

Our children are the guinea pigs who will become the human resources needed for the global labor market. Working adults will be included later.

Two other bills, still pending, are designed to advance the School-to-Work phase of Goals 2000. The Careers Act (H.R. 1617) and the Workforce Development Act (S.143) will support a nationwide workforce development system, state by state. Funding is provided for "one stop career" employment agencies under the supervision of the federal government. Please, let's not let these bills become law.

At an education summit in 1989, then Governor Bill Clinton chaired a Governors meeting to establish national performance goals to make America internationally competitive. The governors adopted six of the National Education Goals, which are now included in the eight goals in Goals 2000. The other two came from goals adopted at a World Conference sponsored by the United Nations and the World Bank in March, 1990.

S. 143 "requires funds implementing tech-group programs and career counseling at the earliest possible age." After passing performance outcome assessments determined by the National Skills Standards Board (which replaces school diplomas), students at age 16 (10th grade) will be placed in either vocational training classes or apprenticeships. (In some magnet schools, they are placing children in "career" classes at ages 13 and 14.) If students are not prepared to enter vocational classes by age 16, they are to be placed in "youth centers" for further development towards that goal.

After two years of "high school" vocational training, and one year of community college tech/training, supported by public funding, students will receive a technical degree (Certificate of Advanced Mastery: CAM) and will be permitted to apply for a job at the U.S. Job Service Centers with an Occupational Skills Certificate (OSC).

Employers who have "contributed" an amount equaling 1-2% of their payroll to the training of the workers will be permitted to hire them through the U.S. Job Service Centers. In an article Hillary Clinton had published inthe March, 1992 issue of Educational Leadership entitled "Will America Choose High Skills or Low Wages" she wrote, "The movement to high performance work organizations is more widespread in other nations, and training of frontline workers is commonplace." She recommended that "public technical assistance be provided to companies, particularly small businesses, to assist them in moving to higher performance work organizations."

Behavior modification is a significant part of restructuring our schools. School children will be trained to be "politically correct," to be unbiased, to understand diversity, to accept alternative family lifestyles, to contribute to the community through mandatory community service, to respect and protect the environment, to become a collaborative contributor and a quality producer. In Marc Tucker's letter to Mrs. Clinton laying out the plan for Goals 2000 he states, "Radical changes in attitudes, values and beliefs are required to move any combination of these agendas."

Dumbing-down education is a prime component in creating a willing workforce. Higher education is not conducive to accepting skilled labor training for a career that fits into the federal government■s planned labor force. Goals 2000 abandons the American competitive tracking system. It is replaced by new national achievement standards which assess students■ behavior and attitude. Students are not allowed to excel independently. They must achieve higher levels as groups/units. The brighter students will tutor slower students until the entire unit can move to a higher level. In order not to harm any student's self esteem, no one fails and no one excels. Report cards are out. Everyone receives "Satisfactory" when their assignments are completed (at their own pace). Brighter students tutor the slower ones. The new performance-based "assessment" standards are reflected in the Oregon "Certificate of Initial Mastery" (CIM), enclosed in this packet.

A computer tracking system will track teachers' training and performance, school performance and students from pre-kindergarten through technical training and into the workforce. All information will be made available to interested government officials and prospective employers.

Pre-school, health clinics, daily meals, and parental assistance (they have the gall to instruct parents on how to rear their children, including how students■ free time should be spent), are in this all-inclusive "cradle to grave" plan to control our children's minds and careers.

According to Clinton's new Budget For Fiscal Year 1997, 48 states participated in the first year of Goals 2000 funding. Any school district accepting Goals 2000 funding is mandated to accept the curriculum dictated by the National Board. When governors or state legislatures do not agree with the school-to-workforce plan, they can be circumvented because Goals 2000 allows individual contracts between state or local school boards and the U.S. Department of Education.

This concept has been around since at least the 1960s and perhaps as far back as the 1930s. It has been tried in many schools over the last 20-30 years, to the detriment of our children. In the '70s, it was called "Mastery Learning" under the supervision of Professor Benjamin Bloom and now is known as "Outcome-Based Education" (OBE). State school superintendents have learned to call OBE by other names because of its bad reputation which precedes it, but the concepts are all the same.

I ask you to please investigate Goals 2000 yourself. I think you will come to the same conclusion. Goals 2000 must be rejected, and the sooner the better -- for our children's sake.

This "Dear Colleague" was circulated by Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL) to congressional offices the last week of March 1996.

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