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Who Will Rock the Cradle? Phyllis Schlafly, ed., Washington, D.C.: Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund, 1989, $10, 297 pps.

This dynamic volume was first reviewed in the April 1989 issue of Education Reporter, and is well worth a second look, in view of current efforts by the Clinton Administration to establish a federal daycare program.

As editor Phyllis Schlafly observes, "We've already fought this battle against federal daycare, and we won. Now we have to fight it again."

Who Will Rock the Cradle? is a collection of speeches from two conferences on child care that were held 10 years ago. The information is equally pertinent today, as single-parent families, latchkey children, and peer socialization continue to increase.

The book examines the many aspects and consequences of daycare. Research is presented by Karl Zinsmeister, for example, which suggests that of the "very young children who go into extensive, non-parental care, many, if not most, will suffer emotional and intellectual harm."

Dr. Reed Bell, M.D., a pediatrician, testifies to the increase in illness parents of children in daycare can expect to face. "Children in daycare have more respiratory, gastro-intestinal, skin and epidemic childhood infections, and are at a higher risk for serious secondary infections, e.g., meningitis, than children in home care."

The testimony of former daycare provider Wendy Dreskin is particularly poignant. She states that "the phenomenon of children feeling unwanted is the great crisis of daycare in our time."

Author and economist George Gilder correlates the notion of federal daycare with the results of other welfare entitlements: "The same people who paved the road to hell in America's inner cities want to take care of your small children. It is an utter outrage."

Mrs. Schlafly points out the impact of taxes on the daycare equation. "Our child care policy should be: Cut the taxes on families with children so they can spend more of their hard-earned money with 100% freedom of choice."

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