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Exposing School-to-Work and What It Means to You, Pennsylvania State Rep. Sam Rohrer (R), Speech at Alvernia College, May 4, 1999, Szajna Productions, $21.95

Rep. Rohrer covers a lot of ground on this complex issue in about 90 minutes. He describes the variety of federal and state laws and initiatives that support the School-to-Work system, including Goals 2000, Outcome-Based Education, and the Workforce Investment Act, often using the change agents' own words and explaining them in terms the layman can understand.

Rep. Rohrer presents actual documentation and occasionally uses overheads to make his points. He explains how Total Quality Management (TQM) -- the process of improving employee performance -- is being transferred to students through the use of the Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills (SCANS) competencies. The audience breaks into shocked laughter as he reads an example from the SCANS describing a process by which farmers must spread manure on a field, a process Rep. Rohrer (who grew up on a farm) says is typical of Third World countries but obsolete in America.

He further stuns his audience by reading excerpts of an article from the New York Times. Everyone assumes the article is current until he reads the last few sentences. Then he drops his bombshell -- it was written by Adlai Stevenson in 1958 describing the economic system of the Soviet Union.

Contact Rep. Rohrer's District Office, 100 Love Road, Reading, PA 19607, (610) 775-5130.

Let My Children Go, Jeremiah Films, 1999, $24.95

This 45-minute documentary exposes the decline in America's public schools and urges Christian parents to remove their children from public education, which the video warns "exposes them to physical and moral danger on a daily basis."

The Exodus 2000 Project, a national organization founded in 1997 by Army Reserve chaplain and Gulf War veteran E. Ray Moore Jr., developed the video. The organization takes its name from the biblical account of the children of Israel as they left Egypt for the Promised Land.

Exodus 2000 urges Christian churches to take an active role in education by offering Christian children an alternative to, as Moore calls it, "the terminal problems of the government school system," which has "usurped the vitally important role of education from the family and the church."

Call (800) 828-2290, email: [email protected], or visit the web site www.jeremiahfilms.com

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