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Parental Rights Provisions of the Final Court Order

SAISD will establish a new district-wide committee of parents and school staff to review surveys that might be personally intrusive, prior to submitting them for approval or rejection by the board of trustees, and before asking for parental consent.

  • The district must obtain parental consent for all guidance counseling, psychological exams, and intrusive surveys. The consent forms must state if the surveys include controversial topics such as political affiliations, sexual behavior and attitudes, and requests for privileged information, including potentially embarrassing mental and psychological problems.

  • SAISD shredded all the original Jefferson High School intrusive surveys on Feb. 24 in the presence of parent representatives. Parents of Jefferson High students were notified that they could review a copy of their child's questionnaire prior to the shredding.

  • The SAISD Academic Coaching classes will henceforth involve only academic issues, not counseling. Any counseling will be handled only by certified counselors.

  • The district will provide employees with in-service training specifically on state and federal parental rights, and will point out that staff may not retaliate, intimidate, interrogate, or harass students or parents as a result of the exercise of student or parental rights.

  • The district will make education records available for review by parents and legal guardians as required by law, and will instruct its staff not to tell minor students that records are confidential from parents, unless otherwise allowed by law.

More Excerpts from SAISD's Nosy Surveys
  • "I am never happy."

  • "I'm a failure."

  • "My parents expect too much of me."

  • "Has anybody close to you died in the last year or so? If yes, who? When? How?"

  • "Your mom is letting you decide if you want a baby brother or sister or neither. Who would you choose?"

  • "Do you ever wish you were a boy or a girl instead of what you are?"

  • "What things do you worry about?"

  • "Select the group counseling sessions you would like to participate in: Managing Anger; Parent/Teen Conflict; Coping with Stress; Interpersonal Relationship; Grief/Loss; Study Skills; Other."

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