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States fail to meet 1989 education goals set by Governors. None of the eight goals set at the nation's first Governors' summit on education 10 years ago have been met, despite the year 2000 deadline. Significant numbers of students have failed to achieve competency in core subjects, graduation rates and teacher training have not increased, schools are not safer, and parents are no more involved in education than they were a decade ago.

States move to soften new testing standards. Following widespread student failure on new "high stakes" reading and math tests, some states are responding to pressure and retreating from their recently-adopted standards. Arizona's Board of Education will revisit and possibly revise a new 10th-grade math test which only one in 10 students passed last year. New York, Massachusetts and California have relaxed or delayed new standards, and Wisconsin has withdrawn a test that every student would have been required to pass in order to graduate from high school.

Maryland communities are forbidden to name their own schools. Citizens in Montgomery County must instead choose from an approved list because too many "dead white males" have been accorded the honor. The list includes locals Thomas Henry Andrews Jr., a murdered cab driver, union leader Vincent T. Foo, janitor Lee Jordan, and the left-wing author James A. Michener. Some citizens blame the Clinton Administration's policies on "diversity" for fostering the notion that too many public schools have been named after America's founding fathers.

A Virginia 6th grader was punished for refusing to read a curse word in class. The 12-year-old skipped over the word "damn" because she said it violated her Christian beliefs. The teacher sent her to the principal, who ordered her to say the word aloud or face suspension for the remainder of the day. The Rutherford Institute has demanded that the school apologize in writing to the student and reprimand the teacher and principal.

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