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Stealing America Stealing America, the National Takeover of the Economy, Education and State Governments, Debi Demien, 1999, 80 pps., soft cover, $10

At last! - someone has written a short, easy-to-read guide to the complex and deceptive patchwork of laws and programs that constitute School-to-Work (STW). After four years of exhaustive research, education advisor and former teacher Debi Demien has compiled a magazine-size book, Stealing America, which simplifies STW and clearly demonstrates how, under the guise of "education reform," this massive restructuring effort is actually a national takeover of our economy, education system and state governments.

Demien describes STW's "Big Picture" as a "puzzle," which she breaks down into ten separate "pieces" or sections. For example, parents who wonder why academics have been "dumbed down" in favor of psychological manipulation and skills training will find out in section five. Legislators and school board members who are losing their voices in the battle for local control will understand why after reading section eight.

Stealing America's text is sprinkled with helpful visuals that illustrate the author's points, including flow charts, graphs, pie charts, newspaper articles, and official documents in the change agents' own words. First-person accounts from real people aid in explaining each of the 10 pieces of the STW puzzle and demonstrate how the system is already impacting the lives of our children.

While much of the evidence presented in the book is specific to the State of Missouri and local schools in St. Charles County, similar evidence could be produced in nearly every state. A section entitled "State of the States" provides brief notes about what is happening across the country.

Stealing America is an excellent resource for everyone in the battle to reclaim our schools and is a perfect tool for convincing skeptics because of its brevity, clarity and use of the framers' own words. These brief 80 pages paint an unsettling picture of American education and the future of our Republic at the dawn of the third millennium.

Send $10 to Restoring America, 160 Fort Sumter Way, St. Charles, MO 63303-6172, fax 636/332-8730, email [email protected]

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