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Against All Odds:
Homeless homeschooler gets perfect SAT score!

SONORA, CA - A 17-year-old homeschooled student scored a perfect 800 on both the verbal and mathematics sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in April, despite the adversity of periodic homelessness. Trevor Loflin credits his mother, whom he calls "a great teacher," and his family's strong religious faith, for his success.

Now living in an apartment in northern California, Trevor recalls that "things started coming apart at the seams" for his family in 1996, with job losses, a divorce, bad credit, fire and theft of their belongings, and other "odd misfortunes," which eventually led to home-lessness. In spite of these trials, Trevor's mother began homeschooling her three children several years ago, when, as they describe it, the public schools "really began getting in the way of our education."

Trevor reports on his new website (http://www.rmwest.com/trevor/) that the children studied in the car, on picnic tables, in tents and, occasionally, in the garages and living rooms of friends. His mother tested them with the optional SAT II subject tests to determine the effectiveness of their instruction, and Trevor's subject test scores (perfect 800s in physics, math, and language, with slightly lower scores in literature and chemistry) presaged his performance on the SAT I college entrance exam.

As a result of his combined 1600 SAT I score, Trevor received a good deal of publicity in the media and on the internet. He also earned the title "Presidential Scholar Candidate," which is conferred on only two students per state per year. He plans to attend Bob Jones University in the fall, although his choice of this institution makes him ineligible for government grants and scholarships, as well as for most private foundation grants.

A happy result of Trevor's notoriety has been the establishment of an "Educational Fund" in his name. He hopes to enroll in a work-study program to earn the rest of his college tuition and says that, if he "should happen to receive" more than he absolutely needs for his educational expenses, he will help his sisters attend college as well.

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