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The Golden Rule School and its Book of Quotations, Orlean Koehle, Small Helm Press, 2004, 115 pp., $12.00.

The age-old Golden Rule is the basis of this blueprint for teachers to provide character education in the classroom and improve the learning environment by improving student behavior.

The program begins with posting the Golden Rule in each classroom along with specific rules to encourage respect for everyone, such as arriving to class on time with homework prepared, raising hands before speaking, tidying up the room before leaving, and refraining from profane or disparaging language. Enforcement involves writing first-time offenders' names on the board, detentions, and possibly trial by a peer court.

Ten character-building themes are to be integrated into the curriculum with writing assignments and discussions. They are:

  1. Courage and Hope
  2. Wisdom
  3. Industry and Good Habits
  4. Knowledge and Usefulness
  5. Truth and Honesty
  6. Healthfulness and Cleanliness
  7. Helpfulness and Unselfishness
  8. Charity (Love)
  9. Humility and Reverence
  10. Faith and Responsibility

With the possible exception of part of #10, these themes are not religious and are suitable for any school, public or private, or a homeschool. Common-sense advice on good manners and life practices supplements the character-building themes.

The second half of the book is a collection of quotations illustrating each theme. These quotations provide points of departure for classroom discussions. As an example of courage and hope, Carnegie Steel president Charles Schwab said, "A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm." For humility and reverence, Quaker leader and Pennsylvania colony founder William Penn's quote is apt: "No man is fit to command another that cannot command himself."

The author is a university administrator, a teacher, a mother of six, the state president of Eagle Forum of California, and a former Miss Idaho Falls. This book would be a constructive gift for a teacher, principal or homeschooling parent. To order, call 707-539-8393.

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