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Pro-Gay SEED Program Debunked in Two Reports
A diversity teacher-training program seeks to promote homosexuality and multiculturalism and condemn traditional American culture, according to two new examinations.

"Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity" (SEED) has been used to train K-12 teachers in 32 states and seven Asian countries since 1987. In some districts it also fosters student meetings, typically between 5th and 8th grade.

A 2004 report by teacher Barb Anderson of the Minnesota Family Institute exposes the "anti-American, pro-homosexual bias" in SEED classes and questions the program's appropriateness under federal and state funding policies.

"Once teachers have undergone 'personal transformations' of their views of America and other cultures, they are encouraged by the group facilitators to transform their curriculum with the carefully selected, SEED-approved materials," Anderson charges. The "social change" desired by SEED's founder Dr. Peggy McIntosh "will occur after teachers have fully transformed their curriculum in all subject areas K-12 to reflect all areas of diversity including sexual diversity."

Intolerant of traditional views 
SEED teaches that homosexuality is normal and unchangeable and relies heavily on the fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey, the Anderson report states. The teacher training class information is treated as confidential and no parents are allowed to observe. The program pushes gay-propaganda videos and books, and activist websites such as those of the National Organization for Women and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Teachers may be required to attend the classes, and dissenting viewpoints are unwelcome.

"While there is constant talk in SEED about tolerance and safety, it is meaningless. SEED is not a safe place for anyone choosing to express conservative political views, traditional religious and moral values regarding homosexuality, or any other view that does not affirm homosexuality as a normal, healthy, alternative lifestyle," Anderson concludes.

Georgiana Preskar's book Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children also takes aim at SEED along with the history of the pro-gay agenda in public schools. She additionally describes her successful efforts to keep national pro-gay "Day of Silence" observances out of the classroom in her school district in Elk Grove, CA. (The 400-footnote book is available from AuthorHouse Publishing at 800-839-8640 or www.authorhouse.com, or from Amazon.com)

Videotaping mom forced out 
Preskar's book would probably be useful to parents at a Boston-area school who were forced off the property when one tried to videotape frank homosexual advocacy at a "Transgender, Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day." For the last ten years Newton North High has sponsored the day, allowing students to skip classes and attend sessions with titles like "Out at the Old Ballgame" and "Color Me Queer."

Two parents were attending out of curiosity when a man on a panel talked about being attracted to his sister's husband. An offended mother whipped out a video camera and started taping. The principal and four police officers gave her and another parent, a newspaper columnist, one minute to leave or face arrest for trespassing, she told the Boston Herald.

"This does not belong in curriculum," said Kim Cariani. "It's against my religion. It's morally wrong and forced in a child's face." (12-16-04)

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