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Two students at Hungary Creek Middle School in Richmond, Virginia were suspended and kicked off the baseball team for eating cookies from a school employee's cookie jar. Jeremy Maitland and J.P. Stephenson were getting water in the school kitchen before a baseball game when they accidentally knocked over the jar and snagged a few of the treats. The incident fell under the school's theft code which triggered severe sanctions. Superintendent Fred Morton IV said there was more to the incident, but refused to release details due to student privacy laws. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 6-05-06)

Test scores dropped "at least 10 percentage points in most grades" at Furman L. Templeton and Gilmore Elementary schools and for 5th and 6th graders at Montegello Elementary. Edison Schools has managed the three Baltimore schools for six years. The news came "a few months after the state attempted to put 11 more city schools in the hands of outside operators."
(baltimoresun.com, 7-13-06)

Since Jan. 2000, 60% of movie advertisements on Channel One have portrayed smoking. Channel One produces 12 minutes of school day TV programming, including two minutes of paid advertising. Aired nationwide, an estimated 7.7 million teenagers attending U.S. middle and high schools are exposed to Channel One. (commercialalert.org)

In 2008, England and Wales will introduce the "Children's Index" — a "supposedly confidential system intended as an early warning system for children at risk of abuse." Education minister Lord Adonis said that "between 300,000 to 400,000 users will access the index" that contains details of a child's life. But children of celebrities will be exempt from address/phone number disclosure; likewise, children with "a reason for not being traced." (Telegraph.co.uk, 8-31-06)

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