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In a recent survey, three in four South Carolina students said they were happy with their experiences in single-sex classes. The survey checked in with 1,700 students in the 2nd through 9th grades. Students named increased self-confidence and classroom participation as benefits of a single-sex setting. (Education Week, 1-23-08)

Some schools are experimenting with cash incentives for students who attend after-school tutoring programs or improve their grades. At two schools in Fulton County, Georgia, 40 at-risk students will participate in the pilot of the "Learn and Earn" program. The students will make $8 an hour for staying after school to study and receive extra help. They will receive bonuses if their grades improve during the 15-week pilot. Local philanthropist Charles Loudermilk funds the program. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1-22-08)

One in five British teenagers believes Winston Churchill was a fictional character, a recent survey revealed. Almost half believe Richard the Lionheart was fictional, and a quarter of them believe Florence Nightingale was fictional. Teens guessed that many actual fictional characters were real: Robin Hood (51%), Sherlock Holmes (58%), and King Arthur (65%). (Telegraph, 2-4-08)

After an ugly battle between liberals and conservatives in St. Lucie County, Florida, the school board approved a sex ed curriculum opponents call "outrageous" and "explicit." The curriculum begins detailed instruction on how AIDS is transmitted in the 4th grade, when most students are nine or ten. St. Lucie teachers will demonstrate proper condom usage for 8th-graders. Although Supt. Michael Lannon says the curriculum promotes abstinence, critics counted 17 references to abstinence in the curriculum, compared to 210 references to condoms and other contraceptives. (www.sexedfacts.com, 12-9-08)

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