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States Abandon Common Core Standards
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A majority of states have adopted the Common Core State Standards Initiative for nationally standardized math and English language arts curriculum. But now several states are rethinking their commitment to Common Core and rejecting the idea that education should follow national rather than state standards.

The New Hampshire House of Representatives recently passed a bill that would ban all Common Core standards that do not have prior approval from the state legislature. Even the standards that were adopted last summer would have to have to be re-approved. Now the bill is on its way to New Hampshire's Republican controlled Senate.

In South Carolina, a bill has been introduced in the Senate that would ban Common Core standards from being adopted or implemented. This bill would make the standards South Carolina adopted last year void.

Some states are attempting to ban only certain portions of the standards. Although Minnesota already approved Common Core standards in language arts, the House and Senate passed a measure that would require their approval to adopt standards for math or other subjects. Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the bill at the end of session in May, but the issue is likely to come up again in a special session.

A preemptive bill will soon be presented to the South Dakota House of Representatives that would ban common standards in history.

Texas, one of the few states that has not adopted any part of the Common Core standards, is trying to make sure that national education standards are never imposed. That bill is making its way through the state House of Representatives now.

Although Common Core initially gained widespread support (in large part due to the Race to the Top grant competition), there is now a small but growing movement to oppose the standards as a step that would bring unwanted federal control over education. (www.blogs.edweek.org, 4-04-11, 4-26-11, and 5-05-11; www.scstatehouse.gov, 7-05-11; www.educationminnesota.org, 5-24-11; www.brighted.funeducation.com, 2-08-11)

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